Monday, January 18, 2010

Luke's 1st Birthday Party

(Some areas are obviously blurred out for privacy)

SO. My son turned one (sniffle) and I threw him a Winter ONE-derland party since his birthday is in the dead of winter. Making lemonade out of lemons, basically. A lot of the details of this party were crafty and homemade (and some cheesy, yes) but I thought I would share my creations with you!

The invitation above was pretty simple. I found the hot chocolate paper at Target, which I looooved because the party's main attraction was a hot chocolate bar. I googled some ideas for what to say about a winter party and came up with the catchy little poem at the top.

A few days before the party, I went ahead and made tags for the goodie bags. I knew the kids wouldn't really care about them, but whateverrr little people, mama needs to craft.

Here are the completed goodie bags! I bought the bags from Dollar Tree when all their Christmas stuff was out. Each bag had some winter stickers, winter erasers, a crazy straw, pixie sticks, a couple suckers, a couple tootsie rolls, and a peanut butter cup. I didn't want to over-load the kids TOO badly with candy!

I had a lot of fun making this sign, despite all the excess paper! I think I got 2-3 letters per sheet of cardstock. (Why the heck did I blur out his name on this?! So weird.)

I had a hard time taking pictures of how cute the snowflakes looked hanging from the ceilings. Pictures really didn't do it justice! You can also see a few of the small white balloons I had scattered acting as "snowballs"!

I filled this room with streamers. (Please note: We live in my Mom's house right now....I'm not responsible for the butterfly/sunflower wallpaper catastrophe). It's hard to tell from the distance, but I put up the picture of Luke from the hospital on the hutch.

This is probably the cheesiest piece of the whole ordeal! I couldn't find a snow-themed pin-the-nose-on-whatever game, so I resorted to making one myself. The kids always get a kick out of this, and I wanted to entertain them somehow! It looks like a Kindergartner drew it!! I cut the noses out by hand/

The other game I played with the kids was ONEderland Bingo! My friend and her daughter couldn't make it to the party because she just had a baby (!!!) who is slightly premature. I wouldn't want to go out and pick up germs, either!! Even though she couldn't make it, she made these adorable bingo boards for me and sent them to the party with another friend of ours. The kids LOVED them, and they were easy enough for the littler ones to play since they were made with pictures. One of the girls asked me if we could "play 100 times" lol.

She also cut out these little snowflakes (I believe with her Winter Woodland cartridge) and sent them along, separated into little baggies for each kid. So creative!

This is one of my favorite features of the party! I came up with a "bar" that was filled with fun toppings for your hot chocolate. It seemed to be a big hit!

The bar had everything from marshmallows, fluff, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and mini candy canes! It was a lot of fun putting mixtures together!


Here's the rest of our spread! I loved how bright all of the white & blue & snowflake patterns were. It really looked snowy in here!

I had soup in the crock pot - perfect for a chilly day! The other main feature was an assortment of snowball sandwiches! The snowballs were cut with a glass, and the rolls were for the adults. We had peanut butter & jelly, turkey and cheese, and ham and cheese.

We also had to have some snowman noses :)

Two days before the party I scrambled to make 5 dozen snowman cookies! I frosted them the night before the party, and only did about 3 dozen of them. I figured people might be sick of Christmas-style cookies by this point, but all but one were eaten at the party!!

These are the cakes I made! The big snowman cake was actually very easy to do! Of course, I spent about 4 hours baking cakes, but it was a simple process and I got a lot done between steps! I ended up baking 6 circle cakes, which was 3 boxes of cake mix. When they were cooled, 4 of them became mr. snowman. The two on the bottom are in tact, the third I just trimmed around it to make it smaller for the head, and I cut the hat shape out of the 4th circle. I positioned them on this foil-wrapped piece of cardboard, and then frosted like crazy! It was pretty easy to do...a little trickier around the edges of the cakes I trimmed because they were a little crumby! When it was all frosted, I added chocolate melting wafers for the eyes, mouth, and buttons, shoestring licorice tied together for the scarf, and I added food coloring to left over frosting to draw the nose! I did the same things for the small face cake above the big guy, which was Luke's smash cake.

I'm not sure that I'll go into this much detail every year (in fact I know I won't) but I wanted to do something fun for his very first party!

If you came, thank you for celebrating with us! xo


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  2. That was a very cute and unique birthday celebration! Very very cute.
    I loved the snowman cake-yum!

  3. Awesome Awesome Ideas! We've got a January Birthday in our house (our Ella will be 4 next January), and you have just solved my "What kind of party should we have?" dilemma! THANK YOU!!! LOVE this whole post (and the snowman noses - so cute!)

  4. I love the winter wonderland theme! So cute!

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  5. Wow! Impressive and creative party. I love the hot chocolate bar - I might have to steal it for my son's 2nd birthday this December.

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