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Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a quick update.

Lukey is sick :(

He has been on meds for a few days now so he's definitely getting better. He has a double ear infection and tonsillitis. Poor thing! He's been pretty miserable....not himself at all. The good news is, his fevers (which were around 102-103) have stayed away finally. He had them for dayyys and he was soo upset. My poor guy.

He popped tooth #7 this past week. I don't know the technical names of them, but it's on the bottom, directly to the right of his middle teeth. It was fighting to pop through at the same time he was fighting his illnesses, so that was no fun!!

At his 12 month check up, he was 24lbs and 29.5". I was actually surprised he wasn't bigger, because he certainly FEELS it! And, he's wearing 18 - 24 month clothes...but now I'm thinking that's pretty average. He's also been leaking through his size 4 diapers at night. So, I think we either have to switch to overnights or bump up a size next time we order them.

One of his new favorite things is doing things accidentally on purpose (lol) so that he can say "uh-oh". Only, he doesn't say that...he says "ut-ut". It's really too adorable :)

His birthday party was a big hit. I wrote about it briefly in his 12 month letter (which you can see posted directly below this). You can see pictures on my facebook, or even in more detail on my craft blog...the link is on my sidebar. He has birthday party #2 for Matt's side coming up next weekend on the 30th. No themes or anything elaborate this time....my creativity was definitely used up on party #1 - as fun as it was to do, it was also completely exhausting!!

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