Tuesday, January 19, 2010

12 Month Pictures

I can't get over how old he's looking! He looks like SUCH a little boy. He was a little out of it because he'd just gone through a rather traumatic 12 month check up! Look at how his hair is starting to hang over his ears!! It's getting so long in places but it's so thin still that I don't feel like I should cut it. Maybe I'll try to trim it up a little in some places.

He's become such a little cheeser! When I take out the camera and tell him to smile he scrunches up his face and flashes all of his teeth. It's SO cute! But, most of my pictures of him end up looking like this. I thought I should post one of them (there are many others!!) and I went with this one because you can see his little band aid from his iron & lead tests. He tried SO HARD to get it off his finger before finally giving up and ignoring it. Poor baby, I hope they don't have to do any more tests like that anytime soon! I'd never seen him so upset before :(

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