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Monday, December 28, 2009

Luke's First Christmas!

When Luke was born, we had no idea that his first Christmas would be spent back in Buffalo - we are SO lucky that our move happened so quickly so he didn't have to miss a single holiday season with everyone!

Though we have a fake tree, it's in storage until we find our next house. Nana likes to get real trees, so we went along on the trip to pick hers out...

christmastree 003

christmastree 015

He was pretty fascinated by the tree guys trimming the trunk for us in that picture...haha! He was also in awe of his Dad standing a TREE up inside the house! It was pretty cute.

A handful of days before Christmas, we made a big batch of our family's famous Christmas cookies for our Christmas Eve party, and Luke helped...

cookies 006

cookies 017

cookies 021

cookies 025

cookies 029

cookies 032

cookies 034

I also decided to do a countdown to Christmas outfit week with Luke...including ugly Christmas sweaters. In the cookie pictures above, that had already started...he was wearing a baby's 1st Christmas shirt. What can I say....he's my first baby, and I was given lots of Christmas hand-me-downs..might as well make use of them, right? :)

Here he is in a couple others...

christmas 003

christmas 110

christmas 087

And then began the celebrations!

First, with two parties on Christmas Eve...

christmas 121

christmas 125

christmas 138

christmas 151

christmas 162

christmas 164

christmas 169

Once everyone left to go wait for Santa, we put Luke to bed and then just sat around to enjoy the Christmas lights and some Christmas music for a while. It was really cool to see one of the houses I grew up in all decorated and ready for my baby's first Christmas morning. And after a busy day of food, gifts, and crazy kids, it was really nice to just relax and take it all in.

christmas 175

christmas 176

christmas 179

christmas 181

christmas 186

christmas 188

christmas 190

christmas 192
Luke's was too heavy to hang with ours ;)

The next morning, we waited as long as we could for Luke to wake up, and eventually had to wake him so we had time to open presents before moving onto the rest of our Christmas day plans. He wasn't too upset about it.

christmas 194

christmas 198
What more could a baby ask for then a big box of diapers under the tree? ;)

We went to my Dad's next, where Mal & Tom met us to open presents. We came back home for a little while afterwards for a nap and to get ready for our lunch plans. When we returned, we found Nana & Papa exchanging gifts, so Luke stopped to get in on that.

christmas 207
He got a phone! JK, it's Aunt Mallory's.

christmas 211

Next, we were off to Aunt Mallory's house for a late lunch of fondue and snacks - yum!

christmas 007

christmas 016

We ended the evening playing Rockband with Nana and finishing some Christmas Eve growlers before passing out from all the fun we had :)

christmas 022

christmas 023

christmas 026

It was SO nice to be home and celebrating with family this year! It was so hard to miss the Christmas Eve party last year! Matt and I were in Charlotte - I was very pregnant, and also very sick with a head cold, and despite celebrating "fake Christmas" with my mom and sister (which was awesome!), it was really hard on Christmas Eve...knowing we weren't with all of you!

May we never miss another! :)

Merry Christmas, family!!!

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