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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hanging the Lights

As most (if not all) of you know, we're staying with my parents until we find a house in Buffalo. Even so, we love decorating for the holidays so we've been getting in on the action around here! Last Sunday there was no Bills game, so Matt & Tim decided to put the lights up, and Luke & I went out to see how they were doing! I bundled him up in his snow suit and out we went - it was flurrying a little, and really cold!!

Okay is it just me, or does he look HUGE here?!?

Hanging up the lights!

Lookin good so far...

Me & my little cheeser!
That teething rash got a lot worse (as you can see), it's
still from the same rash that started around 8.5 months!
It's actually gotten A LOT better since this was taken, though.

We decided that it was just too cold out there for him,
so we ended up going inside to watch from the front door.

My Goofy Baby ;)

Watching Daddy & Grandpa Tim outside


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