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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheri's 21!!

This is kind of a bittersweet post. Growing up, my best friend was (and still is!!!) Lynne. We grew up across the street from each other. We were so close in age and had so many things in common that we were virtually inseparable. This left my sister out to be the 3rd wheel most of the time, so she befriended the new girl on the street - Cheri! She was younger than all of us, but she fit right in! Lynne & I always picked on her like our little sister - and we always give her props for how well she handled it! Nowadays, she is one of our best friends, too! We always try to make a point of doing things in a group, just the four of us. Cheri has become much much more than our little sister figure over the years...we love her!! :)

Unfortunately, her Dad just lost his 4-year battle with cancer. It was such a hard time for Cheri, but she's done so well at being strong. Her Dad's wake was the same day as her 21st Birthday, which made us all feel terrible! We vowed to take her out for her first legal drink that night anyway, if she was up for it. Our group consisted of Cheri, John (her boyfriend), me & Matt, Mal, Tom, Lynne, Cheri's brother Jerry, his girlfriend, and their cousin Tina. We all went to Applebees and squished into a tiny booth, and shared drinks and 1/2 price appetizers. It was a really rough day, but we tried to make the best of it that night. We ended up having a really great time, and I'm sure that's exactly what Cheri's Dad would have wanted for her!

The birthday girl & her man

Tom & Mal

Cheri's huge drinks!!

Me, Lynne & Cheri - LOVE these girls!!

Cheri & her birthday sundae!
There WERE pictures of me & Matt, but his goal was to ruin them. He succeeded :)

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