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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Big Move!

Sorry that I've been so MIA around here, but flickr decided to stop hosting pictures for posting and my list of posts I need to do kept growing...and now here I am, BEHIND!! I was so frustrated with flickr I just kind of ignored it for a few days to see if it would resolve itself, but no such luck. I don't like uploading them directly to blogger because it makes them SO blurry, and I didn't feel like uploading them to another site since I already had them all on flickr. Anyway...I decided to try them right from facebook and see how it goes.

SO, here's the low down on our move!

Luke and I had a few chaotic days at the house before the move weekend. Matt went into the office every day that week so it was just the two of us packing everything up. Little man loved to play with my cookie cutters and wooden utensils while I packed things in the kitchen.

He loved climbing around the boxes, too!

On Friday (23rd), my Dad, Mallory, and Dan arrived in Charlotte to help us out. We also picked up our 26 foot Penske truck that day! We tried to get as much packed and ready as we could that evening, and ordered a pizza for dinner...our last time getting Taste of Buffalo delivered!

The next day, Mal watched Luke and kept him happy while I packed and cleaned like crazy. Meanwhile, the men loaded the truck with all of our furniture, boxes, and bins. The truck was SO FULL!!! We cut it pretty close, but we got it all in!

We did our best to have the majority of everything finished Saturday. A few key things had to stay behind while we used them over night and in the morning (like, Luke's crib, pillows and blankets, sleeping bags, Luke's morning food, etc etc), and then we set out for dinner at Eastfield Bar & Grill. It's a newer place that we'd never been to before, so we were excited to check it out even though we knew we couldn't return! Luke ate his dinner there, he did a great job considering it was his bedtime and he hadn't napped well! I love this picture of him with Mal because you can see his two teeth so clearly :) (BTW, both of his top front teeth are coming in at the same time now and they look gruesome....his poor gums look terrible, worse than the first two did. But I can tell they'll pop through all the way today so he should feel a little relief finally tomorrow!)

That night most of us camped out downstairs. Mal & Dan had different sections of the living room, Luke's crib was rolled into the dining room, and Matt & I slept on the dining room floor - never thought I'd sleep there! We got up at 3am (poor Luke didn't know WHAT was going on!!), and we spent the next hour packing all of the last minute things up. Just before we left I went around taking pictures of our empty house, and Dan took one of me & Matt in our room. We look really tired, and was quite a stressful weekend!

When we started the trip, Matt & Dan drove the Penske truck, and I drove the car with my dad in the passenger seat, and Mal taking care of Luke & Odin in the back seat. Luke was bundled up in his pj's and a blanket and went back to sleep for a few hours - it worked out well! We stopped for breakfast after a couple was a rough ride. There were high winds, fog, tons of ups and was tough to do in the dark! In WV my dad took over driving and drove us the rest of the way home.

Little man kept his Aunt Mallory entertained in the back seat! Those two kept laughing at each other :)

Despite the LONG, tough, 12 hour drive, it was absolutely gorgeous going through the mountains! It was the perfect time of year to pass through!

We made it!!! It was SUCH a relief to pass this sign for the last time (unless of course next time is on vacation!).

The truck matched the tree in my mom's front yard! It was strangely pretty lol. The evening we arrived, we were greeted by my mom, tim, tom, grandma, tracy, lynne, rachel, cj, cheryl, mike & mike's girlfriend. It was so great to have so much help!! We got the first set of stuff unloaded pretty quickly! My mom & tim ordered pizza and wings to feed the helpers, which everyone scarfed down, and then off they went to the storage unit to unload the rest! I stayed at the house to get Luke's crib, and my & matt's bed put together and ready for us. From what I heard, it went pretty quickly and easy at the storage unit, too!

So, we are back - and sooooo happy!!! :) I have lots more to share, it's crazy how many things we've done already since being back! Check back for more posts soon!

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