Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playtime Videos

I'm pretty nostalgic by nature (hello, scrapbooking obsession), so at times I find myself rifling through old pictures and videos. I do this pretty often with Luke's pictures & videos, and I always forget how quickly he's grown helpless and sleepy and squishy he was just months ago! Since then I've made a point of taking some videos that, for the most part, seem boring...but just show him doing something like, how he plays with his toys. I absolutely love having them to look back on. I haven't uploaded them all, but I thought I would share the couple I do have uploaded with you. This first one is from the summer, I think in August? He was 7 months old, maybe 7.5. It's funny because he was just learning how to perfect the transition between sitting & crawling and I was so nervous about him face planting. It's just amazing to me how quickly he's figured everything all out...babies' first years are incredible!

Play Time from Jenn Rychlicki on Vimeo.

This next one is from last week. My mom has this weird blue ball that he is just in awe of. You have to watch him like a hawk because the little pieces rip off easily and he'll try to stick them in his mouth, but for the most part he'll just sit there pinching the little stringy things with his fingers. Also, I love this video, because it has such a great example of his love of imitation these days! It started right at 10 months, that if you'd ask him to say something he'd repeat it. The only things he does accurately are "ba-ba-ba", "da-da-da", and screeching....if you ask him to say anything else, he TRIES (you can see his mouth contorting to try and match yours, it's hilarious), but either ba-ba-ba or da-da-da come out instead. It's totally adorable :)

OH, and that's GH on in the background. Surprised? ;)

Little Talker from Jenn Rychlicki on Vimeo.


  1. So cute! I think Justin misses his little buddy. As soon as he heard this video, he came and watched (and was saying "Ba" right along with you :) )

  2. I have that ball in purple and become just as engrossed in it.