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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Luke's 1st Halloween (featuring Luke the Lobster)

Halloween was a pretty crazy day for Lukey! We wanted to get some actual usage out of his Halloween costume, so we decided to make a few stops. First we went to Matt's parent's house to visit Grandma & Grandpa Webster. CJ, April & Ethan stopped by to see him, too. He did pretty good in his costume....he had a hard time crawling in it (see video at the bottom), it looks a little like his first attempts at crawling did because all the extra limbs were getting in the way!

After our visit there (and like 100 pictures) we went to Mallory's to visit. My Dad & Diane were there to see the lobster, too. We didn't spend much time there because little man was getting fussy...his naps were just the 10-20 minute car rides between all of our stops that day!

halloween 039

halloween 046

halloween 048

halloween 051

halloween 063

halloween 065

halloween 072

When we got home, he took a short nap, and then we set out to trick-or-treat. I didn't really want to go all out doing this since he's so little and it would be extremely obvious that HE would not be eating whatever people gave us (haha). Plus he was just too little to get excited about it or have any idea whatsoever of what was going on! So, we decided to just make a quick stop at each of the neighbors we know pretty well (only 3 houses). It was chilly out by this time, so I didn't want to keep him out much longer than that, anyway. The dogs dressed up too and came with us! When we got back, Luke was SO tired, and just DONE with all the Halloween business!!

halloween 078

halloween 083

halloween 093

halloween 095

Lobster Crawl from Jenn Rychlicki on Vimeo.

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