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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Autumn in Buffalo

The day after we arrived in Buffalo, we were quite spoiled. You see, Buffalo isn't really known for having gorgeous autumns the way Charlotte is. Yes, there are a few absolutely perfect days in the season, but more often than not, October is just gloom and miserably cold rain. Those of you who have known me for a long time will remember my days at the maize (And those of you who haven't, I used to work in a corn field that was carved out to be a maze & it was sort of the main fall attraction in this area of town). Anyway, when I worked at the maize I had to put up with A LOT of crappy weather, but every time there was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, I knew I couldn't enjoy it. Those would be our busy days (since everyone else WOULD be out enjoying it) and I'd be stuck working some crazy shift like, 16 hours. I always remember driving to work those days, looking at the colorful trees and the fairly-rare sunlight and being SO jealous of all of our customers. All I wanted was a day to myself to take a walk, take pictures of all the colors, spend time outdoors without having any responsibilities. And, that is exactly the situation we were greeted with after our move!

It was a decently warm evening the night we arrived, but the day after Matt was off work and we had some time to get out and enjoy it. We took Luke for a walk and I got lots of fall pictures (I won't bore you with ALL of them). When we got home, I stuck Luke in the lawn with a pumpkin and let him explore through the leaves a little....he was hilarious! When he tried to crawl, he would pick up the leaves and throw them aside like he was making a path for himself. I love the way these turned out....don't mind his horrid teething rash on his cheeks!!! While it's tons better, we are STILL dealing with that same rash, even though I put lanolin on it every single night. Oye!

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