Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Luke's Up To

upload upload upload...

I'm waiting for a ton of pictures & a video to upload so I can start catching up on some posting. I figured while I'm sitting here waiting with nothing better to do (Luke's napping), I'd fill you in on what Luke's up to these days! This may make his 9 Month letter next week a little redundant, but oh well! That's for his time capsule, so I'll still do it.

  • Army crawling is a thing of the past. Once in a great while when he's crawling over an object he'll revert to it, but that's about it. He's up on all fours now and FAST!
  • Luke is obsessed with climbing. He loves climbing up the coffee table, over me & Matt, and even attempting the stairs, yikes! I know I probably shouldn't have, but I sat behind him during one of his attempts up the stairs just to see what he would do and he made it up two full steps before I freaked out and pulled him away. I won't be letting him do that again anytime soon, but it's good to know I should keep the gates up at all times since I know he can do it.
  • He also loves pulling up on things, which I guess is just another form of climbing. He does this along the couches & coffee table most of the time, and then tries to cruise along them, but usually gets tangled up in his own legs.
  • His new favorite thing is standing in his crib. It's causing problems for us! When he learned how to roll over, he would get to his belly and not know how to get back (he used to hate being on his belly, that's changed) so he would cry until someone would come and roll him back over. It messed up his naps for a couple weeks! But it was like he couldn't stop doing it, even when he was tired and wanted to sleep. Well....this is round two of that. He loves pulling up and standing in his crib....but doesn't know how to get back down without falling, and he's not a fan of falling on purpose! So he gets stuck standing, and cries until you come lay him back down. Nap time has been "fun" since he figured this out. Not to mention...we lowered his crib mattress 2 notches a couple weeks ago, but now that he's standing (and surprisingly tall next to the side of the crib), we need to lower it again. It's the last notch left. This kid is growing too fast!!
  • About a week ago, he perfected going from crawling-to-sitting and sitting-to-crawling. He's been able to do this sloppily since about his 8 month birthday, but he finally really "got it". He wasn't really graceful before (he must get it from his mom). The night he realized he figured it out, he would just crawl and sit, and sit and crawl in circles, just to use this new skill over and over again. It was pretty hilarious, I wish I'd gotten it on video!

It amazes me how much he is capable of these days. My little mushy blob baby is gone. I can't wait til January when I can live vicariously through Lynne with her new baby boy :)

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