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Friday, October 9, 2009

We're Coming Home!!!

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard elsewhere but just to be sure we're covering all the bases...we sold the house yesterday!!!!

We had to do a little back and forth negotiating and ended up having to fork over some of our furniture (which, actually...isn't that bad since we won't have our own home in Buffalo for about a year or so and will just have to pay to store it all anyway!), but we settled on the deal yesterday evening. Our realtor came over this morning and we signed the contract. We close on November 9th, which is one month from today! The part we're not settled on is exactly when or how we're going to make the move. Matt doesn't feel comfortable making the move the weekend before the 9th in case something goes wrong and then we're stuck without a place to stay. So our decision is between moving us up there with our clothes & personal things, leaving the furniture only behind to be picked up the weekend of closing. Or, just making the full move and driving down to close. There's also the option of trying to work something out so that we can do the paperwork from out of town but we're really not sure how that works right now.

Nothing is set in stone, and we are waiting to hear from a few people on when they might be able to help us out, but we're thinking that the move will be over the 23-24-25 weekend. Whether it be the half move or the whole move. If anyone can help us out at all, we could REALLY use it. We have a tiny hybrid to fill that will already contain a baby and a cat!! We're going to get a moving truck, but even so....any other hands and/or vehicles would be a HUGE help.

We are REALLY excited about being home before the holidays so that we can celebrate with all of you!!!! So, whatever way we decide to make this move...we will see you SOON!!!! :)

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  1. you'll be home for cheri's birthday, we need to take her out! lol