Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're Back...

in Charlotte. And I can't say I'm too thrilled about that. It's funny...I'd gotten pretty comfortable with being here, but then I spend 10 days in Buffalo and I remember how it doesn't even come close to being home. We had so much fun. Luke met his cousins Sean & Emily, we went to Emily & Ken's wedding, I went to Bingo with Grandma & Amanda one night, and Grandma, Amanda, Mom & Mal another night. I took a trip to the mall with Cassie & Emy, visited both my Dad's and Mom's Offices with the baby, had a playdate with Lynne/Monalisa and Cassie/Emy. We watched one of Gabby's Field Hockey Games, had dinner at my Dad's twice, visited my Grandpa, took a trip to Matt's Uncle's house, and another to Mallory's house. We had lunch with Dan (Luke's Godfather) and Cheryl, took a walk to Watson's and loaded up on sponge candy, and took another walk with my Mom and the Dogs. We went to Maya's 6th birthday party, watched the Sabres home opener together, and even threw a Bills party. We enjoyed LOTS of Timmy Ho's, and obviously some Mighty! We got a real taste of northeast fall with 50 degrees, rain, wind, and the leaves changing colors (believe it or not, we were in heaven with that weather!). I even got a bowl of Grandpa's homemade chicken soup.

The thing is....there won't always be weddings to go to, Dana & the kids won't always be in town, and there won't be a birthday party to attend every weekend. But even so, there are always people to see, there's bingo every night, and there's 24 hour Timmy Ho's. Buffalo is our home. We are alone here, and we make our memories there. It makes coming back to an empty house feel pretty sad.

Everyone asks us about the house, so I'll give you a small update. We changed realty companies (we still have the same realtor, she switched companies), and lowered our price again. We're going to re-take some pictures to freshen up the listing and we've been getting LOTS of showings. We had at least 5 while we were up in Buffalo, had another one yesterday (funny story for another post), have one today, and another one we don't know the time of yet. Our new price has put us in a new search bracket and that seems to be bringing in more people. It's just a little harder for me to keep things clean and work the baby's schedule around the showings...but we'll deal. One of these showings will pay off eventually....I just wish it would hurry up and happen.

Sorry that I'm coming off so...Debbie Downer....but it always feels this way our first day back. I actually have a lot of fun pictures and things to document, but all I can think of right now is how sad it is that we're back here. :(