Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a little update on the move

First off, don't worry about my last little post. A few of you asked me what was wrong, and it was nothing really. Someone just left me a snotty (unsigned, cowardly) comment that was none of their business, and I deleted it. I didn't care so much about what they said, because I do realize how wicked the world of all things Mommy can be, but I was just floored that the drama I thought I escaped by coming to blogger somehow found a way here. Just, not cool.

So anyway, the move is going well. We are just about as packed as we can be at this point. We're at a frustrating road block where we have to wait for the week to be over with so we can pack things like, our pots and pans, the sheets and blankets on our bed, the clothes we're wearing this week, the toys luke is playing with still....stuff like that. We seem to be getting lots done in the evenings when Luke goes to bed, that has been nice. We only have two more days before our guests arrive (yikes) and we really want to be prepared for them.

We cleared out the storage unit we had while we were showing the house. Not sure if I even mentioned that before, but in an effort to de-clutter and make it look nice in here, we packed up as much as we could and shoved it into storage. We didn't really want to try and swing a 26 foot truck around a cramped storage facility, so we brought it all back here. Then we sorted all of it, as well as everything we've packed at the house, into two groups - going to Mom's house, and going to Storage. It's all labeled and stacked accordingly in the garage (picture below). Yes, I'm kind of OCD about organization! But I hope this makes loading the truck, and unloading it in Buffalo (first at Mom's, then at the Storage Unit) ridiculously easy to do.

Speaking of unloading....we could REALLY use some man power up in Buffalo! We need to get the truck unloaded on Sunday evening, otherwise it will just be me & Matt (along with the baby!) unloading all of our furniture on Monday since everyone will be working. Kind of nightmareish. We do realize that we planned it horribly since there is a Bills game on right when we'll be getting home....but PLEASE...if you can help us, we would really really appreciate it! We'll be doing a quick unload at my Mom's...just Luke's furniture, and then less than half of the boxes. Then the rest will go to the unit right after, and we're thinking it won't take too long to do it all. Please let me know if you can help us, even if it's just at one of the stops...we'll find a way to make it up to you! (And the Bills will probably lose anyway) ;)

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