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Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 Months!

(Don't forget to read Luke's 9 Month Letter!)

Funny story. These monthly pictures are incredibly hard to take these days. When he was 1, 2, 3 months old...he would just lay still with the sign in his lap and I could snap away. By the 4th month he was trying to eat the sign, or rolling around in the sheet I put behind him, making it SO hard to get a decent one. This morning I started the normal wrestling with him that these pictures take...and then I had an idea.

Much to Matt's dismay.........Luke LOVES the General Hospital theme song. I'm not really surprised...the boy heard it in the womb every single day and then has in person since the day he was born. Sometimes when he's crying for seemingly no reason I play it and get a few moments of silence lol. So I played yesterday's episode, paused it right at the theme song, sat him down, and hit play right away. He sat staring at the screen, smiling most of the time, for the whole song! I ended up getting a bunch of pictures....cute ones, but this one is my favorite. As soon as the song was over he looked at me like, "wanna play it again?". So Luke :)

(ps, you can see all 9 month pictures on my facebook!)

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