Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wild Child!

So, Luke is in an extremely interactive phase right now. It's one thing to sit on the floor with a bunch of toys and watch him stare, grab, chew/drool on things, and even sometimes react to things you say or do. But he's started to initiate interaction and it's really extremely fun. Yesterday he would hide (what he thought was hiding, usually turning his head or facing in another direction), then glance at me, wait for me to say something hilarious (what isn't to an almost 8 month old?) like boo, or a scary monster-sounding noise, and then crack up and do it all again. This kid squeals, screams & laughs around the clock. People who see him fairly regularly would probably never guess it, because he's usually pretty docile in social situations (hmmmm...like his mom? haha). He's so quiet and observant when we go out, but when we are at home he's WILD!!

He's also started army-crawling EVERYWHERE! He is so fast that it's hard to keep track of allllll the things he's trying to get into. He has a thing for cords for some reason? Not good. We're constantly taking things away from him. I guess it's time to do some serious baby proofing around here! His crawling is hilarious - it's very uncoordinated and wild, but it gets the job done! He's still getting up on all 4's and rocking, but then usually plops back down to his belly to army crawl. He doesn't roll nearly as much as he used to - I think he's slowly phasing into the real-deal crawling.

Anyway, I took a video of him doing just about everything I listed above, at the same time. Yes, I'm telling you - wild child!! Enjoy, this cracks me up :)

(um, please ignore my terrible kitchen floor. and the stain in the vinyl. i don't know what that is but it's been scrubbed more times than i can count...it was here when we moved in)

Lukey Crawling & Squealing from Jenn Rychlicki on Vimeo.

(ps, if you missed it, there's a new entry below!)

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  1. OMG...I miss him soooo much...oh yea, you too! GMA