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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pumpkin Muffin Tasting

So, I'm not always this nerdy (okay, not true, I'm nerdy), but I have the hobbies of an 80 year old so at times my nerdiness takes over. This would be one of those times. But I have a good excuse! Most of you know I've been on WW, and well....we're about to make it to fall, and to me, it's not fall without pumpkin muffins for breakfast. Usually Matt & I would get them from Dunkin or Panera, but you know those have to be like 3,000 calories each - at least. ;) So I decided to look up some recipes, plug them into WW to get their points, and find one that sounded good. Well, I found 3...and wanted to try them all, at once, so I could truly put them against each other and find the best one. We did this when my mom & Mallory were visiting so we didn't have a plethora of uneaten muffins afterwards, and here's how it went!

They all sucked.

No lie, they were terrible. We had them labeled as A, B & C...and the C ones were SO BAD we just threw the entire batch out. The A ones tasted more like apples than pumpkin and had a cupcake texture rather than a muffin texure, and B were just "edible". Barely even qualifying as good.

Batch A - Notable Ingredient: A can of apple juice concentrate

Batch B - Notable Ingredient: A LOT of Ginger
(I didn't know that was a fall-ish spice?)

Batch C - Notable Ingredient: Greek Yogurt

So here's the set up just before tasting (I told you, nerd), and we each tasted the same one at the same time. A was way too sweet, B was boring, and C tasted like eggs and nutmeg.

The hunt is still on, I guess!

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