Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playdate & a Walk

One day last week (I'm forgetting which day of the week it was...) we had a busy day! It was filled with multiple showings, a trip to the mall, a walk, felt like we were out of the house all day long. Luke & I went to Northlake to meet up with Jessica, Justin & Katelynn for a little while. We had a good time, as usual :)

And they're pretty much the cutest boys on the planet :)

Later that evening, we had a return showing and these always seem to happen in the evenings, right in the middle of Luke's bedtime. He actually had a strange nap schedule that day, so he was in a good enough mood to get out. We drove up to a business park in Huntersville that has a really pretty outdoor area with a HUGE pond surrounded by a walkway and awesome trees. It was the perfect temp since the sun was on it's way down. I love when things start cooling off down here! Here's a few of the pictures from our walk...

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