Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look out Odin...

I've seriously been trying to put this entry together for days, but things kept getting in the way! Anyway, I wanted to show you guys how completely dare devil Luke has become! He decided that crawling wasn't enough (ps, he's almost perfected "normal", on all-fours crawling and is using it more than army crawling now). He's much more interested in climbing, pulling up on things, and cruising across furniture. Yes, at 8 months. The doctor we saw yesterday told us this was pretty darn early so we may have 10 month walker on our hands...yikes!!!

Anyway, while I think I've already mentioned all this here (and posted a video) I have more visuals for you :) First some pictures, and a video that...okay, admittedly, is a little boring...but I find hilarious. It's kind of a stand off between Luke & Odin. The entire video Luke is trying desperately to get to the cat, and Odin can't decide whether he should take off or sit tight because Luke doesn't have the skills to get to him yet. You'll see at the very start, Odin is about to bail, but then decides to stay and watch the show...I guess he should enjoy watching Luke struggle with it for now. It won't be long until Odin is terrorized!

I love love love the way Odin stares him down the whole time :)

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