Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little House Update

I may have told some of you about this, but for a little while now there's been a problem area in our backyard. We were pretty worried about it considering we are trying to sell. Basically, a pool of water was collecting at the base of our deck stairs and we had no idea what the source was. The ground surrounding it was always muddy and since it was right at the back of the house, never drying even on 100 degree days, we started to worry something was seriously wrong.

We had roto rooter come out yesterday to take a look. We've been considering an open house and didn't want that problem area to raise any red flags - not to mention we want to lower our price but not if there was a potentially large cost to fix something after a contract was signed. Turns out...the reason it didn't dry even on the hottest days, is because we were using our AC the most those days. The puddle was being formed from the pipe that collects our AC's condensation run-off. I didn't even know such a thing existed! But they tested the pipe to be sure it was the source, and even went under the crawl space to make sure nothing was seriously wrong...and that was definitely the problem! So the great news is, it's a simple fix! Just wanted to share that with anyone I've worried over that with :)

I hope to be back with some pictures today when little man takes a nap!

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