Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Climber

Luke is suddenly growing WAY TOO FAST.

As if crawling isn't enough (and almost expertly going from sitting to crawling, and crawling to sitting positions), he's already started to climb. Usually it's me or Matt that he tries to climb on, but in the last few days he's been crawling up to things and then trying to pull up. He does this to the coffee table a lot...which is kind of scary because I worry about him smacking his head on it. We're thinking of putting the coffee table in storage anyway to make our living room look better for showings, but Matt has taken to calling it "a concussion waiting to happen" so I think it's probably better to get rid of it for now!

Luke's also tried pulling up on the couch & love seat a few times, but usually can only get one hand up and then isn't sure what to do with the other arm and falls. Anyway! This morning I was sitting in the recliner with my coffee and he crawled to the love seat to try and climb up. I had to take a video! (PS, at the end when it looks like he falls....he was just suddenly deciding to sit down but it looks a little shakier & gruesome than it was because I almost dropped the camera!)

It's the first half of this that I find so impressive. Such a daring little man!

Mountain Climber from Jenn Rychlicki on Vimeo.

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