Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flashback Friday, On Sunday

I've seriously been looking for the right thing to post since Friday, but not only wasn't feeling very creative, I got pretty wrapped up in house stuff this weekend. I refuse to deprive you of a FBF this week, because for the next two Fridays I'll be in Buffalo and can't guarantee I'll be able to post! My mom suggested a post of wedding pictures, and I will get to that...but for today I'm going to go with pictures of Luke from the hospital. I've got a video to share with you guys later in which Luke is demonstrating some very UNbaby-like skills, so I'm feeling sentimental about his very brief time as a newborn.
He really never looked like a Believe it or not he's less than an hour old here. My big man came out looking like he was a couple months old! And this was even 5 days before his due date. Who knows what he would have weighed had we waited for nature to take it's course!

This is when we finally made it back to our room. They kept me in post-Op for a while because the epidural wasn't wearing off fast enough. They wanted me to be able to wiggle my toes before releasing me to my room. I remember them upping my dosage because I told them I couldn't tell if my feeling was gone. They didn't want to take any chances. So it took a while longer to wear off than normal. Little man was patient...he took his first bath right there in post-Op so I could see, and he even nursed there, too. He was happy when we finally got him all bundled up and cozy in his little bassinet next to me. He looks SO MUCH like his daddy there.

Speaking of Daddy....he had to do A LOT of the hands-on care the first day because Mom couldn't get out of bed! He did all the diaper changes, and picked little man up every time he needed to be put in my arms to nurse, or to walk him around the room when he was fussy. This was taken in the middle of the night our first night...we were all sooo tired, but there was still so much love to go around. :)

It was a long day for all of us!!

This was taken the next morning after he nursed. Chubby or what! I love his little pose, like he's already bored with this baby stuff ;)

Well there's your taste of newborn! Wait til you see what he's up to these days when I finally get this video to finish uploading! He is a wild child!!

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