Saturday, August 22, 2009

Produce & a Quick House Update

Alright, so I'm probably being a nerd about this, but I'm really excited!

Through Charlotte Mommies, I found a local produce co-op. Basically what you do is, go on their website, pay $17.50 through pay pal, and you get a laundry basket full of high quality produce at wholesale prices reserved for you. They have a local pick up twice a month at each drop off location, and you just go during that time to pick up your basket. We just happen to have a drop-off location right down the street from us! I wasn't really sure about doing this at first because I was afraid of ending up with a bunch of produce we wouldn't use, but I asked a friend of mine who participates what she thought of it, and she really likes it. I did some reading on it, and the amount of produce you get would cost over $50 in a grocery store. Considering I make all of Luke's food, and we've been eating healthfully while I've been on Weight Watchers, our produce bill has gotten quite high. I'm hoping that this will help us keep it down a little while getting us to eat some things we wouldn't usually buy!

I just purchased my basket and get to pick it up this coming Friday. I can't wait! I didn't think I could get this excited about fruits & veggies ;) Just another perk of Charlotte Mommies...have I mentioned how much I love this group?!

Just in case you're curious, here is the link to the site. I'm hoping that something like this exists in the Buffalo area for when we move home...whenever that will be! Quick update: we had another showing last night. It was a new group of people, not the same group as the return showing. It was a last minute one that cut right into dinner time and we haven't gotten any feedback. Oh well!

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