Friday, August 14, 2009

Most Handsome Bills Fans!

Luke looks SO CUTE in sports attire! We dressed him up last weekend, along with Matt, for the Bills pre-season game. I absolutely love these pictures!

Luke and I have an appointment at Portrait Innovations today. I've heard mixed reviews about the place, but what it comes down to is...we haven't had any professional pictures taken yet, and they have some fairly cheap options, we have to bite the bullet and get it done. I'm thinking of taking his jersey with us as a wardrobe change, he just looks too darn cute in it! I'm thinking of putting him in a "rugby" style shirt, jeans, and sneakers for the other outfit. Aunt Lynne bought Luke his first pair of Chucks and I'm dying to get them on him!!

I hope to either buy enough to get the free CD, or to buy the CD if I don't buy enough so that I can post all of his pictures here and on facebook, etc. The only appointment time they had was 12:45, and Luke usually naps at 1 so I have to hope that it somehow works out! We'll see!!

Wow, little man is 7 months tomorrow, eeek!

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