Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Luke (7 Months)

Dear Lukey,

Happy 7 Months Baby!!! I can't believe we are ALREADY here! Not that 7 months is a specifically special milestone, just that now you are closer to to 1 than you are to 0 and that blows my mind!

You are such an awesome little boy. My Mommy instincts want to call you sweet and loving - and you are those things - you just aren't really a mushy, cuddly, kinda guy. Instead, you are the most charismatic entertainer I have ever met! You, little man, sure can work a room! Each month as your personality shines through a little stronger, I'm baffled by your intensity. I don't know what you will grow up to be, but it's going to be something great!

Let's see, this month you have fallen in love with chewing. I think you like to eat little pieces of REAL solids (not that pureed garbage everyone calls solid...) because you get to be like Mom & Dad. The smile on your face when we give you a little piece of something to chew is priceless! Your favorites are gerber puffs, and tiny pieces of english muffin, bread/toast, hamburger buns, and fruit. You are eating 2 full meals a day - cereal & fruit in the morning, cereal & veggies at night, and while the rest of your day is filled with bottles, you usually have an extra snack around lunch time. I dont think it will be long before you require a third full meal. You are such a little piggie! For breakfast you eat 1/2 a mashed up banana as a side dish to 1/4 cup of cereal, AND 1-2oz of another fruit, AND a 5oz bottle! Of course, you've always been particularly ravenous at breakfast, probably because you're such a good sleeper at night! That, and you never stop moving!!

Speaking of which, your favorite method of traveling is rolling. It is absolutely hilarious to watch you go from one end of a room to the other in pursuit of Odin, or a toy that caught your eye, just by rolling around! Don't worry, I took some good videos so you can see it when you're older! Of course, they are hard to get because every time the camera comes out you pose and smile for it! Where on earth did you pick that up?? I guess Mommy has you trained well. That or you're just being Mr. Charisma as usual :) You're also extremely close to crawling! You wiggle & pivot your way around on your belly pretty well, and now you'll go as far as getting up on all 4s and rocking back and forth as if you're building up the momentum to take off crawling. You have been SO CLOSE so many times, I just know it's going to happen in another couple days or so.

You've also picked up a new style of babbling! You've been doing this for quite a while now, particularly with noises that sound like the letter B. (Speaking of - Daddy read you The B book by Dr. Seuss recently and I have never seen you SO excited about reading a book! I think you have a love for the "B" sound, you were even laughing at Daddy saying the "B" words!) Usually I hear things that sounds like "Bah-Bah-Bah" and "Muh-Muh-Muh". Not quite MaMa, as much as I wish it were! Actually, we've been working really hard on the sign for more, and I noticed that every time I do it (as well as say More), you make your "muh-muh" sound, so you're getting better at imitating! Anyway, when you get angry - the babbling starts spilling out of you like crazy! Must be the Italian in you ;) You just yell, and babble, and I swear you're thinking "Hey! These are words! Shouldn't I be getting results since I'm using them?!" At least that what it sounds like when you get louder & angrier if I don't seem to figure out what you want right away!

You explore and grab, touch, smack, bite, squeeze, and pinch everything that crosses your path. You are fascinated by sports on TV, which I your Daddy's dream come true. You love music, and anything that makes noise. Just shaking the container of puffs, or a string of your link-a-doos cracks you up! You also have this little toy called the Wiggly Giggler and you are amazed by the noises it makes! Your favorite things to play with are your puppy, moxy (your uglydoll), books (you love to chew them), and wrappers from Mommy's 100 Calorie packs!

I absolutely love staying home and spending my days with you. I love watching the subtle changes in all the things you do, witnessing you grow in so many different ways...I wish I could slow it down. Even though you, Mr. Independent, probably wish it was going a lot faster. I know that everything you're going through is just what babies do, but still...I am one proud mama watching you accomplish everything. You brighten my days, and enrich my life in ways I didn't know were possible!

I love you so so so soooooo much little man!


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