Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Concord Airport Tour

Luke and I braved the heat today and went on a tour of the Concord Airport with Charlotte Mommies! Obviously he's too little to really get much out of it, but I wanted to see it for myself and get a chance to attend a CM event. I also met up with my "little sister" Angee and her daughters, so that was really cool!

It was HOT! For me, anyway...and I think for Luke. He looked ready to fall asleep when we were done and it was less than an hour long. We got to see planes taking off and landing, checked out a hanger that had planes belonging to Joe Gibbs Racing that were getting ready to fly the pit crews to Bristol, checked out the on-site fire dept including some trucks, and learned a little bit about what kinds of planes fly to and from this airport and what people utilize them. It was great to do something like this and Luke was a really good sport!

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