Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is on it's way!

I don't want to jinx anything, but Charlotte has been cooling down! The temps in our 10 day forecast have been all 70's lately - and I couldn't be happier about that! Fall is so great in Charlotte. It's my favorite season regardless - but there are some particularly gorgeous fall days here.

I usually stay indoors with the AC for the summer - but with the cooler temps I've been anxious to get out a little. We've been taking walks through our development, and just yesterday we visited the Fesitval in the Park. It was nice to get out and do something, but like everything in Charlotte it was SO crowded! I don't think I'll ever get used to the sheer number of people that live here.

The baby is doing good. Not much to report there. At my last appointment he was measuring perfectly on target and his heartbeat was good and strong. We are more than halfway to baby time now!

As most of you have heard we've been having some issues around the house. We found mold in our guest bedroom which has been taking FOREVER to fix! Odin also mysteriously became infested with fleas (strange, for an indoor cat) and we've been battling them. It's hard to kill all of the fleas, though - because our house is in chaos with the mold reconstruction so we can't get to all the areas that need treatment. We also had to get our gutters cleaned out, and the windsheild on my car fixed last week. It's one thing after another!!

Because of all this craziness we haven't been able to work on the baby's room at all! In fact it's completely full of all the things that used to be in the guest room. It will be a mad dash to get that put together once our guest room is complete. One thing we do have done is our registry. Its at babiesRus - which you can view at, and type one of our names in the search.

Hope everyone is doing great back home, we miss you!!

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