Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Rychlicki...

Yet again, it's been an eternity since I've updated. It seems as though 2008 is a very busy year for us!! In April we went on our "delayed honeymoon" cruise to San Juan, St. Maarten & Labadee. We had a really good time (despite my run-ins with motion sickness & a sinus infection during the entire trip...)! Matt asks me nearly every day when we can go on our next cruise.

We did the march for babies at the end of April. I was really glad we were able to participate in something like that. My hope was not only to do something for a good cause, but also that we might meet people in the process. We didn't really accomplish the second half, but that's okay. We ended up donating over $300 between the two of us, and the walk was really nice! It went right through uptown Charlotte and a nearby park - there were some great views along the way.

May started out pretty quietly...until Mother's Day, that is. That was the day (May 11th) that we found out we're having a baby! I'm sure you've all heard this already, but on the off chance someone stumbles on this that hasn't found out yet - now you know! It was such a gift to find out on Mother's Day, of all days! Our appointments have been great so far. Baby Rychlicki is doing great (and has been very photogenic for the sonograms already!). We find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl on August 19th (if he or she cooperates, that is) and we are very excited!! We've been holding off on a lot of the shopping/preparing until we know what we're dealing with - so it will be nice to get the green light. We are anxious to prepare for our little one! The baby's due date is January 20th - so our newest addition will join us right at the start of 2009.

We've made 2 trips home to Buffalo this summer. Once at the end of May for Spencer & Sara's wedding, and just last week for Dan & Cheryl's wedding. Both trips were lots of fun. We love coming home and spending time with everyone - we miss so very many of you!! The distance won't be permanent, thank goodness. We're hoping to be back in Buffalo in 2 years or less, so keep your fingers crossed for us that it works out!

I say this every time it seems, but especially now that there's a baby on the way...I'm going to try and keep this as updated as possible. I hope you all keep stopping by!

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