Thursday, March 20, 2008

A few Updates

I promised you an update, but this is more like half an update. I was going to post all the pictures of the painting jobs we did last fall, but I realized that I don't have all of them accessible to me right now. But, I do have one of our dinning room - so I thought I'd share that one for now. You may remember me saying that we painted the living room, most of the dinning room, and the upstairs hallway with a light beige color. The back wall of the dinning room is a cranberry red called Merlot that I'm planning on using as the inspiration for my living room. It's been a slow transition. One of the biggest differences will be getting curtains in that shade, but it's hard to find enough of them at an affordable price. I need at least 3 sets to take care of the living room, and 2 more for the dinning room. I've considered just getting 1 wide panel and using a tie back to make them more interesting. We'll see I suppose.

For now, here is a picture of the colors, and my Grandma Cole's hutch that my Dad brought down this Thanksgiving. Unfortunately you can't see the rest of the room, or how everything looks tied in with the living room, but this is the only picture I have here at work. Don't mind the thing behind the hutch there, it was the cover for the Thanksgiving table cloth I had. I'm not a big fan of that light fixture - it's really the metal "leaves" that I can't stand. That's all I have for now, this weekend I will try to post pictures of the upstairs bathroom, and our new bedroom set!

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