Sunday, November 11, 2007

lots going on!

I've been so entirely busy lately I haven't made time for a decent update. Miguel didn't make it in our fishy land. We're not sure what happened - one day he was happily eating scum, the next he was lifeless and stuck to the filter. We went to get a replacement Miguel (which we were going to name Pablo) but all the fish at PetCo have Ick right now. So, we have to wait.

We bought a hybrid last weekend, for those of you that haven't heard yet. It's a dark grey/blue color. I'll get a picture up here eventually, but you'll have to ask Matt for the details since I don't know all that much about it.

We've been doing nothing but painting the past 3 weekends. I did our upstairs bathroom 2 weeks ago - it looks amazing. I used a smokey purple color & decorated it with black & white accessories. I found a really pretty Nicole Miller damask shower curtain at bed bath and beyond that makes the whole thing look amazing. I'll get pictures of that too, eventually.

Last weekend we painted the living room & dining room. For the majority of the walls (since our living room & dining room are only separated by a set of pillars it's more like one continuous room) we used a light beige called dust bunny. The back wall of the dining room needed a little more interest, something to make the dining room look different & re-adjust the focus. We used a deep cranberry color for that wall called merlot. Our whole dining room has chair rail & picture frame molding on the bottom half, so it's really only half a wall in the merlot.

Yesterday we painted the upstairs hall the same color as the living room. We left the stairwell white, mostly because the height of it extends all the way to the ceiling of the second floor. Not a project we're really prepared to tackle. Plus, as much as I dislike white it's nice to have a little of it. Something to keep it light. I'm filling those walls with picture frames anyway, so it looks really nice.

We also painted most of the guest bedroom yesterday. All of the walls, except one, were painted with a darker beige with a ridiculous name. It's something like...Coral Gable Biltmore Mediterranean Mocha. Yeah, beige. Anyway - we did 2 coats of that last night, and today we're painting the final wall, the one with the windows & curtains, a smokey blue. It's called celebration blue...which isn't very fitting if you ask me. It looks great so far. I'm waiting for it to dry so it can get it's second coat. It may even take 3.

We went to target last night to get a new matching bed set for the guest bedroom. I bought a set of navy sheets & a beige accent pillow to match the blue & white stripped comforter. It will all tie in really nicely - the white will make the closet doors & all the trim stand out a bit and keep the room lighter. I'm really excited to see how it all comes together.

Next weekend will be a full detailed cleaning marathon. We're planning on getting a few of the smaller projects done during the week & going crazy over the weekend. Hopefully everything will be finished and we'll not only be ready for our thanksgiving guests, but be ready to decorate for Christmas on black friday. I'm sure we will be. It will be so nice when all of this is finished!

I'm also making a lot of progress on our wedding album. I'm hyper-organized with it and have all the pages pre-layed out. I have about 10 left to do. I'm hoping to have that done for thanksgiving also, so everyone can see our wedding prints.

Well, I better get back to work!

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