Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Additions to the Family

We have 9 new additions to the family!
Meet Rocky, Wimpy, Line...
and 6 others we can't tell apart well enough to name.

Matt had been getting this tank ready since June. Apparently there were a lot of things to get balanced in the all the rest of it goes over my head. He'd test it everyday, add things here and there, but it was pathetically empty for a long time. Matt collected rocks from Keuka Lake when we were home for the wedding (that's them on the right side there), and finished it off with a broken flower pot & some plants recommended for the type of fish he wanted. We didn't want to stock the tank before the wedding since the first few weeks are the most vital and we wouldn't be around to feed them regularly.

SO, once the wedding was over and Matt did his research, he ordered the fish from a web site, believe it or not. They specially packed the fish and shipped them right to our front porch - it was pretty cool. We thought a few of them were about to kick the bucket, but we later found out that they drug the fish for the UPS journey. They all came out looking paranoid, and their tails were bent to one side. But within a day, they were all strong and back to their normal selves.

This is the one we call Rocky. He got this name for 2 reasons. Firstly, he's a bully. He likes to pick on the other fish all the time. Secondly, he made the rocky area "his territory" and snaps at anyone that tries to invade it. There are 2 fish in the tank that look like this. The other one is slightly bigger than Rocky, and a lot nicer. He cleared out all the sand under the flower pot & made that his home. Those two are for sure the prettiest - they have all different shades of pink, blue & yellow all over them. And you see the little yellow guy behind Rocky? That's Line. He looks like a little yellow line when you look at him from the side. There are 3 of the yellow ones, but the other two are bigger. All three of them are insanely fast. They zip around the tank like nothing I've ever seen. However, they get the least food. The ones like Rocky get the most (they are willing to go to the surface to get it), and the yellow guys stick to the bottom of the tank. They only get the scraps that filter down - and even then Rocky & his friend get the majority of it.

These guys remind me of a high school clique. They are always together - just sort of suspended there facing in the same direction. There is actually a 4th one of these guys - his name is Wimpy. We voted him "most likely to die" when we first put all 9 of them in the tank. He's since perked up. Once in a while he tries to join the gang, and he'll successfully suspend in unison with them for a bit. But usually, he decides he's bored (or maybe they make fun of his out-of-style fin or something) and he floats on his own near the front of the tank. We aren't sure if he's adventurous, or lonely, but we find ourselves rooting for Wimpy when we watch them interact. And yes, sitting in front of the fish tank during fishy feeding time, watching them ram into each other and chase each other around, is thrilling to us. We're that fun.

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  1. That was quite a fish story. But...what kind of fish are they? Tropical, salt water..???Do you remember when grandpa and I had a fish tank. They are nice to have but can be a lot of work at times. Goodluck with it. Gram