Sunday, October 14, 2007

Go Sabres!

We're doing our part to make sure a little b-lo spirit finds it's way to Charlotte! Actually, a house down the street had one of those mini-garden flags by his mailbox with a Bills flag on it. It's crazy how many Buffalonians are here!

Yesterday, Matt and I spent the morning out. We went to Panera for breakfast and got Pumpkin Muffins. I also got their Pumpkin Spice Latte - highly recommended! It was all really good, we actually got a baker's dozen of their bagels to have over the course of the week. We're both in love with their Asiago Cheese Bagels.

After breakfast we went to this little corner shop down the street from our house. Its an outdoor flower/produce kinda thing. It reminds me a lot of the maize. In the summer they sell all kinds of plants & stuff, right now they're selling pumpkins, mums, apples, gourds, different kinds of produce, homemade jam. We went and bought 3 pumpkins (a little one for Odin!) and 2 big yellow mums. They had some mums there that I was just amazed by. They were SO big - and of course had a big price tag. I put them out when we got home...the pumpkins look so wimpy in the corner! I want to find a corn stalk, or maybe a straw bale to put there so they don't look so blah. Those bushes need to be trimmed, too. You can't even see how bad they are in the pictures. We haven't done it in quite a while - Matt says they need to be watered right after trimming, but because of the severe drought we aren't allowed to water anything. So they'll just have to wait until the last possible minute, I suppose. They're saying the drought is supposed to last through December! We've only had one sprinkling of rain recently, before that was in august, and neither one of them helped at all. The last time we got a GOOD rain was in June! That was 4 months ago now. It's crazy. Lake Norman has lost at least 7 feet. You should see pictures of it in the news - all the piers where people have their boats are completely exposed and on land now. It's pretty bad.

Well I'm going to check out the Sunday paper & have one of our Panera's Bagels. GO SABRES!!!

PS - Gram, the fish are Cichlids. The ones we have are from the largest freshwater lake in Africa.

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  1. we definitely need to get some mums & pumpkins. maybe we'll do that this afternoon :)

    harvey's mom has a HUGE plastic, tacky, light-up pumpkin in front of her house! lol!!