Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fish #10.

We've added a new member to our fishy community. He's still floating around in his little plastic bag adjusting to the water so I'll have to get a picture of him later on. His name...well, let me give you a little background first...

Matt's been cycling out the water regularly to keep things clean, but even are dirtier than you'd think. The sand started turning green in some areas & little spots have shown up on the front of the tank. We decided it was time to get a Placo, or as Matt usually refers to them, a "suck master". They're the ridiculously ugly fish that suction themselves to the side of...well, everything...and eat the scum. The conversation went down sort of like this:

Jenn: So are these fish expensive?
Matt: No, they're like $3 or $4. They're one of my favorite fish because they're so cheap and ugly. Plus they clean.
Jenn: So're just trying to enlist some cheap labor.
Matt: Exactly!
Jenn: You're running a fish sweat shop.
Matt: We'll name him Miguel.

Welcome, Miguel. Enjoy eating the garbage the more expensive fish leave behind after they enjoy their delicious brine shrimp.

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  1. Miguel? LOL. looks like he's going to be a fiend of line, huh?