Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Month.

I can hardly believe it's been one whole month since our wedding. It's strange...sometimes when I think about it, it feels like it was just yesterday. Other times I feel like it was so long ago. The whole day was just so emotional and chaotic, it's hard to remember most of it clearly. The biggest piece of advice I was given about the day itself was to try and slow it down. Look around, soak things up, pay attention. I felt like I did a pretty good job of doing that. Even so, it all flew by faster than I wanted it to. It was such a perfect day. The things that "didn't go quite right" (because nothing at all went "wrong"), were so minuscule and petty that they're hardly even worth mentioning. In fact the only thing I even remember is the handprint on the cake, and my photographer did such a good job with photoshop that she removed it from my pictures completely.


It really was my dream wedding. I had all of my favorite girls up there with me, wearing pretty bright colors (I'm not one for plain-ness no matter what, I like a little creativity), I had my cute and way-too-delicious cake, my absolutely gorgeous flowers, the cutest flower girls & ring bearer any wedding has ever had, and the most perfect of all, was the man. :)

This morning when I was checking my email (which I usually do before getting ready, I seem to be a little more productive when I'm not stumbling around in my just waking up, zombie-like state), Matt reminded me that he is ridiculously sweet (As if I even needed reminding!). He came up behind me, kissed me on the cheek, handed me a cookie (which I baked last night), and said "I brought you an Anniversary cookie, Happy 1 month!" with a cheesy smile on his face. It stared my day out right. The chocolate in the cookie, that is. Kidding! He knows that the littlest things like that make me so happy, and so glad to have found him. Or, should I say, glad that my mom found him and forced him on me ;)

So, though we are boring and barely venture out of the house for more than grocery shopping or trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, and though our idea of "partying" is drinking caffeinated coffee at night (gasp!), I wouldn't trade our boring life for anything.

our first dance...
baby, it's just you and me
we got a thing they can't shake
and maybe, it's a little hard
sometimes to take
but i'll tell you something
it's a life worth living
and just so you know
i wouldn't give it up, no

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