Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas plans.

cheri, will, mal, tom, me & matt in back
Christmas Eve 2006

For those of you who don't know yet, we won't be coming home for Christmas. This would have been the 4th time we've traveled home & made a point to be there for all the normal festivities, but we're rearranging our plans this year. It's going to be hard (very hard on me) to miss my annual Christmas Eve party, and eating fondue at Grandma's, and watching Blue open her own presents. But, in an attempt to salvage at least a little bit of tradition this year, my Mom and my sister are coming to Charlotte the week of December 15th. We're going to bake cookies & go Christmas shopping like the 3 of us always used to do together. And on the last day they're here, we're going to have a fake Christmas day - complete with opening presents together, eating a Christmas breakfast, and watching Christmas Specials til we can't take anymore.

On Christmas Day, Matt and I are going to celebrate at home with Odin. Considering he'll probably be our biggest source of entertainment I'll probably spoil him with all kinds of new kitty toys (as if he doesn't have enough already!) and treats.

And then, we'll be coming home to Buffalo either on the Evening of the 28th, or the morning of the 29th. We'll probably leave sometime on Jan. 2nd - hopefully in the afternoon as long as we are flying (which I think we are). We're booked for New Year's Day because of the Winter Classic (whoo hoo!), but we will be hunting for something to do on New Year's Eve. And I'm assuming Saturday & Sunday will be pretty wide open, so if anyone wants to get together or make up for lost Christmas festivities, let us know!

Fighting to get tickets to the Winter Classic yesterday was extremely stressful. I kid you not, it wore me out! Last year when we were home in Buffalo for Christmas we went to the Sabres game on the 26th - and though there's a game on that same date this year we want to be a part of the Winter Classic! I don't know how it's even going to work out, considering we spent way too much on crappy seats, need to find airfare, and somehow still have money left over for Christmas presents - but we will find a way.

I have a feeling that the whole day will be disgustingly cold and miserable - but at least we can say we were there!! And the tailgating will make up for it. We'll have to plan a lot of warm stuff - like soup & hot chocolate.

I am so anxious for cold weather that I'm almost looking forward to being that cold! Things have started to (very slightly) cool off around here. Unfortunately, we're going back up to the upper 80's and low 90's for the next few days, but it's supposed to go back down after that. Even though it's warming up, the humidity is almost all gone so the warmer temps have been bearable. The mornings are much better, too. The thermometer on my car would read somewhere in the upper 70's on my way to work (and then go up 20 or 30 degrees by the end of the day), and for the past two weeks it's been saying 57 or 58 in the mornings so I can tell it's the sun that keeps warming us up. Fall officially starts on Sunday so it should be getting nice really soon!

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