Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LulaNOPE: Part 2

LulaNope Part 2 - The Not Tonight Dress & other LulaRoe Mistakes As I shared recently, I consider myself to be LulaConfused.

I am absolutely obsessed with the feel of LulaRoe leggings, but I have yet to be sold on any other pieces. I actually adore the look of the Perfect & Randy Tees, as well as the Amelia dresses, but because of their price points I usually end up feeling like.....eeeeehhhhhh, I'll be in Target in a few days and likely fall way harder for something there.

And then there's the prints.

The prints, guys.

I still don't get the hype. Exhibit A:

LulaRoe Poo Whales

Poo Whales? If you wanted to sell us some poo-shaped whales, could you have at least made them in a color scheme that makes sense? Or that would match......anything?

Why, why, why?

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that the people in charge of designing their fabrics didn't go to school for graphic design. If they had, they might have learned what giraffe print means.

(Psst, it's not actual giraffe heads.)

LulaRoe Giraffe Head Print

Perhaps they were eating at an Italian restaurant when they designed this beauty?

LulaRoe Italian Restaurant Tablecloth

Or better yet, maybe they just walked out with their tablecloth stuffed in their bag and went home to make a dress out of it.

Tell me how you explain, this, though:

Psychedelic LulaRoe Seizure Shirt

There's no excuse for that. Is there like a Magic Eye shape hiding in there? If you find it, let me know...I can't look long enough without passing out.

Maybe this next pair of leggings won't give you a seizure, but do you really want to wear a Bill Cosby sweater on your legs?

Do people actually leave their house in these?

LulaRoe's Bill Cosby Leggings

Oh, hey - remember The Doritos Dress?

There's now a multicolored version.

LulaRoe Rainbow Doritos Dress

You know who would wear this dress? Ms. Frizzle. On her way to take her class to visit some triangular bacteria after shrinking them down to the size of microbes.

Or maybe to watch a paper airplane competition.

And then she'd probably do a quick change into this on their way to visit the mermaids:

LulaRoe Mermaid Shirt

She'd be the yin to their yang with her shiny scales on top next to their fins on the bottom. The Reverse Mermaid, if you will. guys.


Name one person that would seriously wear this next dress in any scenario. JUST ONE. Please, leave it in the comments because I need to know.

I give you......The Not Tonight Dress.

LulaRoe Not Tonight Dress - Period Dress

Okay, wait....I figured out where this would be appropriate. On a guy dressed as a girl for Halloween, being typically guy-ish in pointing out that women have periods. Because that never stops being funny.

Challenge: find another reason.

Here's a moment where they came super close and still failed.

I love a good polka dot, and I even love these colors together. I also love the cut and design of the Amelia.

Blue and Yellow Polka Dog Amelia

Cute, right?

But did you see it?

Look closer.

It's not even this poor dress''s unfortunate fabric usage, but it's still there.

It's the polkanips.

LulaRoe Amelia Nips


As much as I poke fun at the pattern mishaps in LulaRoe's fabrics, there's a whole world of LulaRoe's bloopers out there. Have you seen them? They usually have to do with the placement of circles or characters on bums. There are some seriously hilarious ones out there, but since these are photos of people wearing clothing with close-ups of their bodies I don't want to post the hilarious ones I've seen without permission.

I did get permission for this next photo, though from @orangeblossomphoto on Instagram. Do say hello, she posts photos of pretty LulaRoe pieces pretty often.

Here are her Bee Crotch Leggings....

LulaRoe Bee Crotch Leggings

Where you going, bee? Uh...ouch.

Thanks for sharing, Christie!

If you have a LulaRoe Blooper to share, or have seen something particularly head-scratching when considering it as fashion, I'd love to see it! Shoot me an email at Jenn(at)

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  1. You had me laughing so hard I was crying gurl! I do not get the prints either!