Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rych Fam: Fall This Year


It's been a minute. ;)

For the last few weeks, I've been busy hardcore failing at 31 Days, but I did so by choice. I was enjoying my topic, but the truth is.....I just love October. It was busy for me in all of the "life" ways, so I really craved just soaking in that beautiful month in the spare moments I had, rather than sitting down to blog about it. I wish I made it a little farther, but oh well. Next year? :)

Fall is almost over already (we're 10 days from a Christmas tree!), and it's been a full one.

* Fall basically starts for me the day my kids go back to school. Lukas started First Grade & Henry started Pre-K. They both won the teacher jackpot this year, and are excelling in their grades so far. We still have some "I'll miss you" sniffles on Mondays, but for the most part, we've had an amazing start to the year.

* One of of the first couple weekends in September, we take our annual trip to Peter Baker Farm to pick apples, buy chocolate covered caramel apples and homemade salsa, and jump on bounce houses. This year, we hilariously ran into some of our best friends (it wasn't at all planned, and it's a long drive for both of us so it was a crazy coincidence!) so they all had extra fun playing on the inflatables together.

* In early October we attended one of my favorite family events - Oktoberfest! I actually had a few minutes to talk about this one in more detail (HERE), so check out all the details on my other post!

* The weekend after we attended Trunk Or Treat with BuffaloMommies. Aside from the year they took off (due to a lack of venue), we've gone to this every year, and the kids love it so much! It's such a fun way to kick off Halloween celebrations and have a special day together.

* The day before Halloween, I volunteered at BOTH of the kids' classroom parties, and had to take Jake to his 2 year appointment. It was the craziest, most exhausting day ever! But it was a lot of fun, too, and I was so glad to spend special alone time with all three of my boys that day.

We also carved pumpkins that night - the boys designed their own and we cut them out. They had some pretty cute ideas!

* On the morning of Halloween, my sister and I had planned a playdate-style Halloween party for all of the kids in our family, and our closest friends' kids. It was busy, sometimes messy, and very sugar-filled, but it was SUCH a great time!

We played Halloween games, ate Halloween party snacks, paraded down the street with the kids in costume, blowing noismakers and causing the neighbors to come to their doors and tell them how great they looked. We ate pizza, painted pumpkins, and decorated cupcakes with all kinds of fun Halloween toppings. I tried to get a picture of each kid with their unique cupcake - they were all so cute!

Before everyone left, we passed out little goodie bags and had all the kids "punch a ghost" to win a few more little prizes. Everyone left happy and excited for the evening! When we came home the whole family took a nap in preparation for the next round of sugar and energy.

* That evening, we went to our friends' house for dinner & trick or treating. (We don't really have a neighborhood to trick or treat in, so we usually borrow someone else's) We all had pizza and wings, and the kids wasted no time chasing each other around. We practically had to convince them to leave and go get their candy! The weather was pretty perfect that night - there was no rain, and it was chilly enough to feel like Halloween, but it was actually pretty comfortable while walking around. The kids got so much candy! When we got back to the house, everyone dumped out their loot to see what they got, and then they went off to play some more. They had so much fun! It was such a full day - we were all exhausted for the rest of the weekend. Worth it!

* Since then, life has been busy with all of the crazy life things in it. There have been a surprising amount of unseasonably warm November days already. We've had some family things going on, and lots of prep for the holidays to come (PSST, I put together my own little guide to get the most out of Black Friday, if you'd like a peak!), but life is generally good.

* I'm working on a lot around here right now (though I know it probably doesn't seem like it), and I'd love it if you'd follow along? I just sent out a newsletter this past weekend, and have another coming super-soon! You can join my mailing list HERE if you'd like to see them. And I'd love to keep in touch with you for the holidays over on my Facebook page, HERE! Stop by and say hello? :)

Talk soon, <3


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