Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jake's Baptism

This past Sunday, we had our youngest son, Jake, baptized.

He just so happened to turn 7 months old on the same day! That makes him the oldest of our children to be baptized (Luke was 5 months, Henry was 3 months), and I want to say that it was just a matter of timing, but the truth is - we weren't feeling very passionate about it this time around. In the end, we decided to have him baptized simply because his older brothers were, and it feels like a rite of passage for our children - something we've all done as babes, and religious affiliations aside - it's really the first celebration of their coming into this world.

Me with Jake & Luke at the church.

The baptism took place at the same church where Matt & I were married, and each of his big brothers were baptized. He also had the same Godmother (my sister) as his big brothers, and wore a combination of their baptism outfits. I love the tradition of it all - I'm a sucker for traditions!

Jake's day ended up being a beautiful one, so we were able to have our post-baptism gathering outside. We made the party super simple by ordering catering from Wegmans (sub, fruit and veggie platters) and a cake. I also made a pasta salad and some banana bread. I bought a few simple white & light blue party necessities, and let the outdoors do the rest of the "decorating"!

Look at how beautiful our day was!

There's a goofball in every family ;)

Luke's doing his happy party dance!

Because it was his 7 month birthday, too!

Days and celebrations like these make me so thankful that we moved home five years ago! It was a gorgeous, loving, blessed day!

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