Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken


This, is, amazing. 

Ahhhhh-mazing. Perhaps my love of black beans & corn comes into play here, but man.... good, good stuff. This was SO easy, so yummy, and so versatile... I demand that you add it to your arsenal!

I have a really bad problem with crock pot cooking - I can't handle the smell. No matter what's cookin', it drives me INSANE, and I end up snacking like no other because I want what's in the crock pot so bad. This does not really make for success with Weight Watchers, so... WW friendly + crock pot does not = a common recipe for me. I'm willing to suck it up, or, ya know... leave the house to make this one. 

We used organic chicken breasts, and man... they were so pretty. I've already touched on my distaste for meat and I'll go a bit farther to tell you that any discoloration whatsoever warrants a spot on the "will not eat this" pile on my plate that my husband usually sifts through when I'm done eating. This organic stuff was just, absolutely gorgeous. Very little fat, like 2 tiny specs I picked around when shredding it up - love. This concoction was fabulous over rice, but I kept thinking it would be fabulous as the insides of a burrito (+ some guacamole, oh yum), or as the stuffing for enchiladas (which I make often and loooove). I think the only thing I'd really change is throwing in some bell peppers. I don't know if that would negate the "Santa Fe" of it all (I have no idea what classifies a recipe as being Santa Fe-ish), and I wouldn't say that it was lacking anything either... I just like peppers.

I just helped myself to some way-too-early-for-lunch left overs, and wish I could have some more! There's enough to have for dinner tonight, so I suppose I have to wait. Boo!

It's only FOUR points plus for 1/8th of the mixture (about 1-1/4 cups). It's more for the rice, or if you add anything else to it... but at such a small amount of points (I usually aim for about 10 per major meal), I can even afford to increase my serving. This is a keeper!

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