Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paper, chains.

Do yourself a favor, and never attempt this craft.

My friend came over to play with craft supplies, and we thought this would make a really cute decoration for the 4th. Except that no one has classroom-sized staplers that are capable of pulling this off.  


Feeling defeated in a pile of strips of paper, we decided to make paper chains for fun. As 1st-gradey as they were, we were excited about our crafty second-attempt garlands and went a little crazy. It was fun, actually - when all else fails, make paper chains!

The one above is hanging in my kitchen, and I made two more for other prominent doorways. It looks like Uncle Sam barfed all over my house, and I love it.


  1. You so made me laugh with the whatever you call'ems that didn't work! But the papre chains look good...and long...they'll go on...and on...Reminds me of playschool, and Brownie crafts, and trying to keep my brother occupied when we were kids!!!

  2. Cute paper chains. lol It is funny when a craft project doesn't work out. I think my kids remember that more from all the laughing. Stopping by from Lady Blogger Tea Party

  3. Yea!!! In January I was decorating the house for my youngest daughters birthday ... $ was tight during that month (holiday burn-out!), so we decided to make these very paper chains and decorated the WHOLE house with them. They were so festive and fun! Great idea (even though your first one wasn't what you wanted it to be).